Beyond Sight of the Stars

Following the echoes of the old quest

Our introduction (session 1)

The Players

PyrSun aka. Pierce. An avariel (winged) elf who has been searching for his exiled younger sister, AiaPyr. He is a blade singer; a highly-trained swordfighter with magical abilities. (The nickname is what the start of his name sounds like, and definitely also a play on words because he stabs things.)

Talia Moonsong. By all appearances a human. She is a druid of sorts, but more specifically a swanmay. Her ability to transform into an actual swan is something she’s sworn to secrecy about. She’s been wandering the world far and wide, simply “on a walk”.

Par Sounne. Human! He is a special kind of ranger known as a beastmaster, which gives him abilities to talk with animal friends. Or make new animal friends. HIS missing sister was leading the party which AiaPyr joined on a Quest seeking the Tomb of the Lost Wizard.

Things Which Transpired

-PyrSun’s years of searching, summarized
-Talia finds Par
-Pyr also, following the leading of his clue, eventually finds both of them
-The others convince Par to embark on Pyr’s quest
-Par hosts their new-formed trio at his home; makes his preparations to leave that life behind
-At dawn, the three set out to travel most of the day in good weather, then push through an early winter blizzard for another hour to reach Beol by late afternoon/early evening



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