Par Sounne

Human Ranger


A surprisingly clean-shaven Beastmaster in his early twenties. Rough-cut brown hair, pin-straight but thick and generally messy. Hazel-green eyes. On which note, he wears carved wooden goggles (with enchanted lenses) to counterbalance unhealable issues with his vision.

He carries a magical sword (+2), a long backup dagger, and a basic crossbow.

Wearing studded leather armor.

He’s accompanied by animal companions:
“Cole”, the albino mule
An osprey
“Appellation”, the none-too-bright grey mare


Among his family, Par is the only one not a wizard. His twin sister, Keslo, was able to learn from them the basics of her skill. As for her “younger” brother, he developed his own niche by largely preferring the company of animals to those of humankind.

The exceptions to his generalized misanthropy tended to be limited to two individuals: his mother and his sister.

In his father, Par found significant failings. Particularly, the old man brought on their family the abhorrent association of his own nefarious Wizard Dad.

His sister, desiring that her immediate family should find peace and lasting security, sought to solve the problem of their grandfather once and for all. …As she was, of course, even with the support of her most loyal minion/brother, she couldn’t stand for even a minute against a mage of his degree.

So it was she set out on a vaguely directed Quest, seeking a means to the power to dispatch their hated enemy.

Par, meanwhile, made a home among a small settlement of forest-dwelling elves — and kept a distant but loyal watch over their parents, whom Kes had so reluctantly left behind.

Par Sounne

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